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Please submit all feature-requests and bug-reports via Github issues -

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Legacy versions based on year-date (eg v2018.2) have been hard-deprecated in favour of a backward incompatible standard versioning scheme (eg v0.2.0). Coinciding with this change in version numbers, the command-line args are quite different to previous versions as well. The new command-line args are based on user experience and what works well/better in the field.

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  • Arpwitch - A modern arpwatch replacement with JSON formatted outputs and easy options to exec commands (eg. nmap) when network changes are observed.

  • Elasticsearch Kibana CLI - Shell interface to query an ElasticSearch backend via the Kibana frontend which is useful in situations where the ElasticSearch backend is not otherwise accessible.

  • Env Alias - Helper utility to create shell alias commands to easily set collections of environment variables often with secret values from a variety of data-sources and data-formats.

  • Phishing Tracker - Utility to manage sets of phishing links making it easier to track their removal progress over time.

  • PyVBoxManage - Wrapper tool for VBoxManage that orchestrates commands using a YAML configuration file.

  • Terraform + Digital Ocean Droplets - Terraform module to create a Digital Ocean Droplet using Terraform with desirable additional features.

  • pfSense FauxAPI - A REST API interface for pfSense 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 2.5.x to facilitate devops.

  • FauxAPI Python module - Python client for pfSense FauxAPI.

  • Digital Multimeter - Digital Multimeter provides both a command-line interface and a Python module interface to receive data from a variety of digital multimeters.

  • SolarEdge Interface - The SolarEdge Interface provides both a command-line interface and a Python module interface to interact with the SolarEdge API service.

  • Philippines Data Mashup - Mashup of data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and Google Maps; see the heatmap