arpwitch #

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A modern arpwatch replacement with JSON formatted outputs and easy options to exec commands when network changes are observed.

Includes a convenience --exec definition to invoke nmap when new network-addresses are observed.

Features #

  • Uses the Python scapy module to watch for network ARPs
  • Filter ARP events based on new addresses only, or select all ARP events
  • Easy to define --exec actions on arp related events
  • Quick to use --nmap action to invoke nmap if installed, easy network device landscaping.
  • Lookup of hardware addresses against the OUI database for manufacturer resolution.
  • Logging available to STDERR
  • Easy installation using PyPI pip
  • Plenty of documentation and examples - https://arpwitch.readthedocs.io

Installation #

user@computer:~$ pip install arpwitch

Command line usage #

Use arpwitch to nmap all new hosts on the network

user@computer:~$ arpwitch --nmap --datafile /tmp/arpwitch.dat

Project #

Copyright © 2021 Nicholas de Jong